The ndhXV is over ! Thanks a lot everyone for your presence ! See You in 2018 !

The Nuit Du Hack is the biggest hacking yearly gathering in France. The event is open for all the curious technophiles : for both neophyte and experienced.

/!\ BYOT /!\ Some devices may be harmed /!\ We accept no liability /!\

Call for Papers


The Nuit du Hack is organized by the nonprofit organization HZV, in synergy with a security assessment company: Sysdream.

The Nuit du Hack is the largest yearly French Hacking Con. From Sat. June 24th, 09AM until the next morning, whatever human being in crave for a Pwn will join there. There will be held a public wargame ( BYOD, we provide the eth. switches + wifi ), a private, prequalified Capture The Flag tournament, lots of workshops around electronics, soft, and hack culture/gear, a job speed-dating, lulz, and even a lovely crafted chill-out room!.

Our TAZ will be the Disneyland Paris's New York Hôtel convention center for the week-end

Last year, 2000 Biological Humanz ( HB ) met on this Infosec and Hacking dedicated 5000 sqm

In A few words

24th-25th, June 2017

The Nuit du Hack XV will start at 9AM June 24 and will be running until June 25, 7AM.

Disneyland Paris

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