Bravo to all qualification round participants !

It was intensive and funny 24 hours. The Sysdream team thank you for your participation and your feedbacks. Some of you publish really good writeups. For the missing writeups, visit Sysdream website.

Now the final!

Like every year, the final will take place during the Nuit Du Hack, from June 24th to the 25th. It will start at 9:30pm and will end at 6:00am, local time. The final is an attack-defense contest. In other words, each team will have to manage a whole infrastructure, protect it against all attacks and, in the meantime attack other teams. A constraint is added, keep each service up and reachable all the time, otherwise penalty fee will be attributed to the team.

In this context, we will welcome 10 teams qualified from the qualification round :

The CTF room will be open to the public 1 hour after the beginning of the contest, from 10h30.

Stay tuned for more info #ndhXV


The #ndhXV CTF Quals are over ! Scoreboard :

Are you ready ? Let's get ready to rumble !!

Nuit du Hack qualification round, powered by Sysdream, will take place the next 31 March, starting at 11:59PM CEST, UTC+0200, ending the 1rst April at 11:59 PM CEST, UTC+0200.

Following this round, only 10 teams will be qualified for the Nuit du Hack CTF final. Each team will receive full-access pass to the Nuit du Hack event, the 24 and 25 June, in Paris.

Sysdream will add for the 3 best ones, 5 full-access pass to the Hack in Paris conferences, taking place on the 22 and 23 June.

Register are now opened on

For more information, get to and

Are you ready for the next round ? #ndhquals