(EN) Where Cypherpunk Meets Organized Crime:
The Shifting Landscape of Underground Economies and Crypto-driven Privacy

It has been six years since the first Tor market opened shop. The period between then and now has been one marked by violent growth, innovation, and adaptation.
With more than thirty active darkweb markets and countless individual shops in operation we are from from the end of this wild ride.
In this talk I will differentiate between the oft confused terms 'deepweb', darkweb', and 'darknet'.
I will then explore some of the different darknet frameworks in use (that's right, it's not just Tor being leveraged for cybercrime commerce).
I'll provide a quick dive into the history of cybercrime, from weed on ARPANET to newsgroups and IRC.
Then I'll address the early underground commercial moves to the darkweb.
I'll give a current State of the Darkweb and then we can see how governments and law enforcement are responding to this new front for crime.
I'll highlight some recent legislation and international control regimes that impact and target core technologies utilized by the darkweb and it's denizens.
Finally, I'll reveal some of the emerging technologies that will fuel the next evolution of underground economies on the darkweb.

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