(FR) Make hardware great again ! with Virtualabs

The hardware has changed, it has been closed, connected, unusable when the companies get bankrupted. This is a problem because those
connected objects such as watches, locks, alarms, drones... A real invasion.
It is time for us to take back the control on those things which will eventualy die !

Through a bunch of examples such as the Minitel from the 0.5 french Internet, some connected keyrings or a TV key from a well-known
ISP, we will prove you their obsolescence and see that those connected objects can be improved, hijacked, tweaked to use them
at their maximum capabilities.

You will learn how to create a presentation remote, a games console or a polyvalent multimedia player based on outdated, limited or
with a lifetime equals to the viability of a startup (a fake company as we all know) objects.

Lets make hardware great again !!

About Virtualabs (Damien CAUQUIL) @virtualabs

Damien Cauquil is an experienced reverse-engineer. He started reversing binaries at the age of 17, par some friends and a lot of coke and pizzas, using old tools such as Win32dasm or procdump. Until now (oh wait, maybe par more recent tools).