(FR) Hack your car or your helicopter !

The connected car is a subject often discussed in the media. The digital takeover of the vehicle is a nightmare for builders. Instead of opening and sharing common standards, we are able to reproduce the errors made in the past on the mechanical side. Special tools, obfuscation, protection by darkness, different software even between the models of the same brand. The objective of this workshop is to discover the digital organs of a car ECU - Engine Control Unit, Bus (CAN, MOST, LIN ...) TPMS sensors etc ...
How to log in securely and cheaply?

And finally if it is not accessible or available how to increase his car by adding sensors and computers?

And if it was not enough I brought back a helicopter to extend the reflection on new services embarked in emergency helicopters (SAMU, Firefighters etc ...)

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Gaël Musquet is a french caribbean OpenData and OpenSource Hacktivist. He’s the spokesman of OpenStreetMap France and President of HAND - Hackers Against Natural Disasters. He is helping institutions, NGOs and others communities to deal par collaborative and Open[Source[Hardware|Data]